SSH Real Estate


SSH Real Estate provides clients with a holistic approach to their real estate requirement by offering in-house space planning, legal services, construction management, financial analysis, asset management, and project management. The efficiency and effectiveness of having this team in-house as opposed to hiring outside consultants for each discipline provides clients with a major competitive advantage.

Space Planning & Design Services

The Space Planning and Design Division oversees projects from programming through construction administration. Equipped with CAD (Computer Aided Design), this division has the capability to create space plans, design, and construction estimates for clients in-house and within a short time-frame.

Legal Counsel

Our In-House Counsel has managed the legal process for over two million square feet of office leases. Our legal counsel’s in-depth knowledge of what provisions landlords are typically willing to accept is key to our successful negotiations.

Construction Management

Construction Management oversees tenant improvements and build-outs to ensure that the work is completed in the most cost-effective manner and meets the highest quality standards.

Financial Analysts

Our Financial Analysts compare the costs associated with each option over the term of the lease or acquisition, allowing our clients to make more informed decisions..

Asset Management

SSH Real Estate is currently the Asset Manager for over two million square feet of office space, overseeing all phases of the ownership process for our clients.

Project Management

SSH Real Estate provides facilities project management services for nonprofits, corporations, property owners, and institutions.