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1080 N. Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA


43,673 RSF


Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CcTC) is a private non-profit agency dedicated to assisting children and their families coping with the impact of behavioral health issues, traumatic events and other challenges that have an effect on childhood development. CcTC had a unique and challenging requirement with the need to integrate executive offices, counseling services, classrooms, outdoor play area, child transportation logistics, visibility and parking for clients and employees. Furthermore, it was imperative that all components be located in one property and in a Philadelphia neighborhood accessible by public transportation.

SSH Real Estate worked closely with CcTC’s executive staff and strategic building committee in identifying all potential relocation options. The evaluation process included assessing properties to purchase, develop or lease long term and multiple neighborhoods in and around Center City Philadelphia were considered.

Following a thorough multi-year search, CcTC narrowed their sights to one property, 1080 North Delaware Avenue; a building with the potential to meet their basic and ancillary needs. Together, SSH and CcTC worked to successfully structure a fifteen year lease with options to extend, options for growth on extremely favorable economics terms.

Value Added:

SSH identified 1080 N. Delaware Avenue as potentially having all the components to meet CcTC’s requirement. Following a further study of the building and the overall site plan of the property with a team of architects and professionals, SSH formulated a list of ideas and major improvements that would not only make the building a viable option, but become a frontrunner. After a long design and negotiation process, the list became a reality for CcTC and incorporated into the transaction were: a transformation of the building freight elevator and lobby to a newly renovated private entrance and large passenger elevator exclusive for CcTC’s use, an abundance of exclusive parking spaces at no cost for the entire lease term, a reinforced outdoor/rooftop play area, designated pick-up and drop area for childcare vans and prominent signage rights on multiple building facades.


As a result of this collaborative process, CcTC now has one long term home after years of operating in multiple locations. Their staff and visitors will benefit from the customized layout and integration of all the ancillary components that make them thrive as a premier children’s

agency. Furthermore, CcTC will have exceptional visibility for continued and growing presence in the community.