SSH Real Estate



SSH Real Estate’s Investments team has acquired and developed properties totaling over 4 Million Square Feet with a value in excess of $1.3 Billion.

SSH’s extremely selective acquisition process allows us to mitigate risk from the outset. We utilize our extensive market knowledge and management expertise to acquire assets at the appropriate basis and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through thoughtful execution of the business plan. SSH approaches every investment opportunity with the goal of maintaining its’ reputation for exceptional execution, integrity, and diligence.


Strong Location

SSH acquires properties in select markets with a primary focus on the greater Philadelphia area.

SSH will pursue select opportunities in other major metropolitan market typically with a favorable basis through off market transaction or complex acquisitions.


Selective Acquisition Process

SSH is extremely selective in its acquisitions and conducts thorough underwriting to understand potential risks.

During the underwriting and diligence, SSH’s Property Management division best-in-class property maintenance and engineering expertise and advisory service allows us


Superior Market Knowledge

The SSH Investments team utilizes its deep market knowledge and expertise from the Brokerage and Property Management divisions to improve both the acquisition process and the execution of the business plan.

SSH’s Investments team has extensive commercial real estate experience through multiple economic cycles, which results in intimate market knowledge, unmatched local relationships, and prudent decision making.


Off-Market and Unique Acquisitions

Due to our deep roots and connections in Philadelphia, we have successfully acquired assets through off-market transactions, including the purchasing of loans directly from lenders.

This strategy often results in a favorable acquisition basis since it enables us to avoid the competitive bidding process, and it allows us to pursue unique investment opportunities.


Value-Add and Property Repositioning

SSH can evaluate and enhance the value of each asset by utilizing our extensive in-house asset management, property management, brokerage, and construction expertise.

SSH has experience adding value through repositioning an office building, executing a leasing strategy, completing intensive capital improvements, and conducting full rehabilitation and conversion to residential use. Additionally, we consistently reduce operating expenses by leveraging economies of scale across our portfolio.


Exit Strategy

SSH structure is flexible to seek an exit that optimizes the value of each individual asset. While we underwrite various hold periods, no investment has a pre-determined hold period.

Throughout the hold SSH continues to evaluate multiple exit strategies for each transaction to maximize the value of each individual asset on an opportunistic basis when the market conditions are right.