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123 S Broad Partners LP

123 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

In 2010 an electrical fire occurred in Wells Fargo bank branch, damaging the celebrated Italian marble lined walls and elaborate gold leaf ceilings. SSH Management was challenged with the job of restoring a historic 1920’s bank branch to its pre-loss condition.

SSH Management assembled a team of experts from across the country. These experts had the task of cleaning and polishing the marble, repainting and gilding the ceiling, re-fabricating 1920’s Art Deco brass light fixtures and reconstructing gold gilding stained glass windows. SSH chose not to utilize an adjuster to manage this claim. Instead, they used their in-house skills to negotiate with vendors and the insurance carrier to bring this project to closure. Negative pressure air movement machines were installed to eliminate irritating odors during reconstruction.

SSH managed one of the largest historical restoration projects in the country that year, maintained a positive relationship with the bank, while remaining operational during the renovation process.

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