SSH Real Estate

Nonprofit Services

SSH has a long and proud history of providing real estate services to nonprofit organizations. We understand that nonprofits are mission driven and we respect the contributions they make to our communities. Our extensive experience working with nonprofits combined with our market and transaction expertise gives us a broad perspective and makes us effective advocates. We fight hard to get the most favorable lease terms for our clients – whether we are helping them renegotiate terms of an existing space or identify a new location.

When making real estate decisions, nonprofits face many of the same challenges as for-profit companies. However, nonprofits face some unique challenges:

Consensus-Based Decision Making Processes
Different stakeholder groups are involved in decision making; this means the leasing process can take longer. SSH’s brokers have extensive experience and in-depth understanding of how nonprofits operate. They are adept at working and communicating appropriately with all stakeholders.

Budget Constraints
Unpredictable funding streams can lead to budgetary uncertainty. SSH understands that minimizing costs is especially important to nonprofit organizations. Therefore, we look for buildings that offer reasonable rates and are willing to negotiate special provisions to accommodate a nonprofit’s unexpected loss of funding or need for expansion.

Mission Driven
Real estate objectives must align with the mission of the organization. SSH listens carefully to understand the space needs of our clients. We work hard to ensure that space options reflect specific requirements for location, atmosphere, layout, accessibility, comfort and safety of the staff, clients, participants and audiences they serve.